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Coloured Braces: What Colour & How to Choose

12 May 2021

Categories: Braces
Colour Braces at iDental

Something to look forward to every time you visit the orthodontist is changing the colour of your braces. The rubber bands or ‘O-rings’ go around every bracket securing the archwire, and there are endless colours to choose from.

Whether you are an adult working in a professional setting or a teenager planning your next statement look, choosing your braces colour is just as important as getting them adjusted. You will be wearing your braces for a while so adding a pop of colour would make your orthodontic journey much more fun and tolerable. Additionally, for parents of kids wearing braces, allowing them to choose the colour of their braces gives them a sense of independence and confidence. When your kids like their braces and how they look in them, they will be more likely to take greater care of them too.

Here are a few helpful tips to help you choose the right braces colour on your next orthodontist visit!

What does your band colours mean?

Popular colours include purple, blue and red; each embodying different emotions for different personalities.

  • Purple is mystical and represents wealth and royalty
  • Blue reflects calmness and intelligence
  • Red embodies passion, strength, and courage

Other colours include green which represents harmony, good fortune, and growth, and orange which is popular with enthusiastic and creative people. Do take note that dark green bands could look like you have leftover spinach stuck in your brackets so opt for light green or pastel green. Orange looks lively and would suit festive occasions, but it could also be mistaken as food stains from far away.

Colour suggestions for teens and kids

We are sure you are looking forward to the day you can have your braces removed but while you have them on, might as well have some fun! Show off your creativity and choose your favourite colours to put on your braces. Did you know that you can have different colours at once? For braces colour combination ideas, Pinterest is a great place to see braces colour trends from all over the world on different skin tones.

Pastel and neon colours are very popular now with 80s and 90s fashion making a comeback. Go crazy and pair neon green with neon pink to make a statement. Better yet, get glow in the dark bands which look normal by day but will fluoresce in the dark!

If you have some ideas on colour combination but can’t really visualise it, head to this website where you will be able to place your design on the mock braces and see how it looks before deciding! Play with patterns and different combinations and remember to screenshot them to refer to on your next appointment.

There are also photo editing apps that can add braces to your pictures which can help you see how you look with braces. Check out the Braces photo app (iOS, Android) and have fun changing up your look!

For working professionals

If you prefer a subtle look or have full-time jobs at an office with strict dress codes, clear or white bands sound like the best choice. However, these bands could stain easily due to their light colour. If you drink a lot of coffee, tea, and wine, or frequently eat strongly coloured food like curry and berries, white or clear bands are not for you. White, yellow, or gold bands could also make your teeth look discoloured if your teeth are already naturally slightly yellow.

To achieve a subtle look, choose grey or silver bands so they will blend in with the metal brackets. This is popular with the office crowd as the braces won’t stand out as much in a professional setting. If your job allows coloured braces, try darker colours such as dark purple or dark blue as it would make your teeth appear whiter.

For a fully subtle look, opt for ceramic braces because the brackets are tooth coloured. If you choose clear bands, remember to brush diligently after meals to keep them stain-free.

DM Vision (iOS) is an app that can help you visualise how you will look like with different types and colours of braces. The only caveat is that it can only be used at the dentist’s office. The app helps you to see how you would look with different braces colours and with that, you can choose your colours before your next appointment! Besides showing you how it would look like if you had braces, ceramic braces, or aligners, its Smile Prediction function can show you how your smile will look like at the end of your journey.

Choose according to your skin tone

Your complexion plays a role when it comes to picking your braces’ colour. If you don’t like the way you look in certain colours, we are sure you won’t want it on your braces.

For those with dark hair and darker skin tone, opt for dark blue, turquoise, violet, red, green, orange and pink. Whereas for lighter skin tones and hair colour, try light blue, dark purple, bronze, teal, plum, soft reds and pink.

For special occasions

To jazz up your braces, opt for two or even three colours! What about red and gold for Chinese New Year, pastel pink and green to usher in the spring season, or royal blue, blue, and white to show your support for Chelsea F.C?

Choosing your braces colour sounds like a lot of fun but remember to maintain your oral hygiene and brush after every meal to ensure that your brackets and bands stay clean. Keep up with regular orthodontist visits to make sure that your treatment is on track so you can get the beautiful and healthy smile you deserve.

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