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Gum Contouring

Gum contouring is a cosmetic procedure that alters the shape of your gums. It changes the boundaries of the gum to reveal more or less tooth. This helps to adjust the proportion of gum to teeth, enhancing one’s smile.

While having a gummy smile is not detrimental to your health, having a beautiful smile boasts several benefits.

Gum contouring helps to prevent tooth decay, reduce tooth sensitivity and improve your self-confidence.

What Causes Uneven Gum?

  • Too Much Gum

    A  “gummy” smile occurs when someone has a naturally occurring high lip line that reveals more gum tissue when you smile.

    Showing too much gums when smiling can be the result of swelling from a bacterial infection or as a side effect arising from certain medication. 

  • Too Little Gum

    Besides causing your teeth to look more elongated than usual, receding gums also expose the roots of your teeth to harmful bacteria and plaque. 

    The main causes of receding gums are genetics, gum disease, or overzealous toothbrushing.

How Is Gum Contouring Done?

Step 1:  Indication of new gum line
Your dentist will first draw a line indicating your new gum line.
The line shows how your gums will be reshaped or how much gum will be removed.

Step 2:  Anaesthetic injection
After this, your gums will be numbed with local anaesthetic.

Step 3:  Gum contouring
Depending on the proportion of your gum to teeth, patients with gummy smiles will have excess gum removed while patients with receding gum will have gum tissue added to exposed areas.

At i.Dental, gum contouring is performed using Fotona’s LightWalker® Laser System.


Prices for gum contouring can cost anywhere from $218.00 to $708.50 (inclusive of GST) depending on the number of teeth involved.

While there are usually no major complications, no procedure is without risks.

The risks associated with the procedure are as follows:

  • Allergic reaction to anaesthetic
  • Swelling of gums
  • Bleeding from your gums
  • Prolonged sensitivity in your teeth
  • Regrowth of excess gum tissue

Therefore, it is key to consult an experienced dental clinic.

While gums are known for being sensitive, you should not experience any pain during the procedure. Local anaesthetic will be administered to keep you numb and prevent you from feeling any pain. 

Most patients will experience mild discomfort after the procedure. However, an extensive amount of pain could indicate that something is wrong. You should contact your dentist immediately if that happens.

Gum contouring is commonly done to boost the aesthetics of one’s smile. 

It might be suitable for you if

  • you feel self-conscious about having a gummy smile
  • you have an uneven gum line
  • your gums are receding
  • you are looking to replace missing gum tissue 
  • you would like to perfect your smile after getting porcelain veneers

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