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Teeth Reshaping

Teeth reshaping is a process in which a small amount of tooth enamel is removed to alter its shape, length, or surface.

How it works
Also known as tooth contouring or teeth filing, this procedure is meant to correct small cosmetic issues like irregular teeth shapes or a chipped tooth.

It is used to sculpt a more aesthetically pleasing tooth shape, allowing it to fit in better with the rest of your teeth.

This cost-effective and convenient method enhances your smile and improves its appearance effectively. 


Teeth Reshaping Process

  • X-Ray

    The first step of the procedure is to take an x-ray to check on the size and location of the pulp. The health of your tooth will also be evaluated to determine if treatment can take place.

  • Marking the Tooth

    Following the x-ray, your tooth will be marked to highlight areas that require reshaping.

  • Reshaping the Tooth

    Using dental instruments, your dentist will proceed to sculpt your tooth, removing enamel or minimising imperfections. After which, your tooth will be polished and smoothed.

What Are the Benefits of Teeth Reshaping?

  • Minimally invasive and pain-free
    The procedure is generally discomfort-free as only surface enamel is removed.
  • Improves dental health
    By eliminating minor overlaps and other imperfections where plaque can accumulate, your risk of gum disease and decay is lowered.
  • Cost
    The procedure is relatively cheaper as compared to other cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth bonding.


If you are looking for a quick and cheap option to fix minor cosmetic issues with your teeth, tooth reshaping may be the perfect treatment for you.

Conversely, if you are suffering from major concerns such as tooth decay and gum disease, teeth reshaping may not be ideal.

Other cosmetic dentistry alternatives include

It is best to consult your dentist for the most suitable treatment.

Teeth reshaping can cost between $65.40 to $130.80 (inclusive of GST).

Getting your teeth reshaped should not hurt since your enamel does not contain nerves.

Because the removal of enamel cannot be reversed, opting to reshape your teeth should be considered carefully. 

Due to the loss of enamel, teeth reshaping may possibly lead to tooth sensitivity.

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