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Bruxism, more commonly known as tooth grinding is the gnashing and grinding of teeth most commonly at night and is not able to be controlled consciously. Most people who grind their teeth do not actually realize they are doing it! Normally someone sharing a room or another family member would be the one to detect it. It often sounds like the classic “nails on chalkboard” sounds or similar to course ceramic rubbing on each other.

Relapse after braces treatment is extremely common especially without the regular use of retainers that keep teeth in their new position. This is so partly due to the elastic nature of periodontal ligament fibres, which are fibres that wrap around teeth, causing them to “bounce” back to their previous position. This happens especially in cases of crowding where teeth are rotated to form neater arches.

You try hard to pronounce certain words but the other party just couldn’t understand you. Frustration and awkward silence.. That’s what you deal with all the time.

Everyone wishes for something. For some, it is to be an inch taller. For the rest of us, it might be to have teeth a shade whiter. It didn’t take long for household brands to capitalise on that – the promising whitening toothpaste that allows us to keep our teeth clean and whiter at the same time. Tubes after tubes, nothing changed. How come?

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