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Invisalign: Burning Questions ANSWERED!

9 March 2021

Categories: Invisalign

While your dentist would generally address frequently asked questions about wearing clear aligners such as Invisalign®, there may be other questions that you have in mind prior or during treatment but feel too embarrassed to ask. This is especially if the question is rather personal.

Truth to be told, the question you have in mind might not be unusual to your dentist but if you’ve yet to gather the courage to ask, not to worry! We’ve compiled a couple of burning questions that you might be too shy to ask your dentist about, when it comes to wearing Invisalign®.

Q1- What should I do if I have food stuck in between my Invisalign® tray?

We understand, nobody wants to be caught in that awkward situation where you confidently flash a smile but only to find out later that you’ve got a piece of broccoli stuck in between your pearly whites.

What’s worse is, while in ordinary circumstances, you could easily maneuver the piece of food debris away from the gaps of your teeth, unfortunately it is not as easy when you’ve clear aligners on.

So, what should you do?

If there is food debris stuck in between your clear aligners, simply excuse yourself, carefully remove your clear aligners and clean it according to instructions. You’re also encouraged to practice good oral hygiene at all times such as brushing your teeth after every meal and wearing cleaned Invisalign® trays. Plus, doing so helps to eliminate the chances of being caught in such an embarrassing situation!

Q2 - Can Invisalign® help me to lose weight?

Wearing Invisalign® clear aligners is not a weight loss programme but it can encourage healthier eating habits and some people may experience weight from this change in lifestyle habits. For instance, as you’re required to wear your Invisalign® clear aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day, you’ll be less inclined to snack. Also, the need to brush your teeth after every meal reduces the chances of eating during times other than your main meals.

Besides minimising on snacking, tooth-staining foods should also be avoided and many junk food fall under this category including coloured drinks (typically sugar laden drinks such as sodas), sauces, hard candies and sugary chewing gums. Hence, this helps to keep you away from unhealthy food too.

Q3- Can I kiss while wearing my Invisalign® clear aligners?

If you’re worried that getting Invisalign® clear aligners will ruin the romance in your life, the good news is, you can absolutely kiss while wearing your clear aligners. Plus, Invisalign® clear aligners are virtually invisible and your date might not even realise that you’re wearing them!

Though, it would be a good idea to take it slow, as you may feel a little self-conscious especially if you’ve just started on your treatment.

Q4- Can I be allergic to Invisalign®?

An allergic reaction against Invisalign® is rare but it can happen. The risk increases among individuals who are sensitive to plastic. Some of the symptoms that you should be aware of include burning and tingling sensation in the mouth as well as swelling around and in the mouth.

If you do experience an allergic reaction, speak to your Invisalign® orthodontist immediately. You are advised to bring up any known allergies or medical condition prior to your treatment so that he or she can help you determine the right treatment plan according to your health and needs.

Q5 - Will Invisalign® cause discolouration on my teeth?

While there’s much concern about braces giving a two-toned effect on your teeth once treatment is completed, many Invisalign® wearers wonder if they too would need to worry about teeth discolouration.

The answer is – yes, teeth staining can occur among Invisalign® wearers if they do not take proper care and precautions.

This is because, while wearing clear aligners act as a barrier for your teeth, it is not waterproof and hence, this could cause food or drinks to sip in between your clear aligner and teeth. This is the reason why drinking coloured beverages such as coffee, tea and wine are not encouraged while having your clear aligners on.

On top of that, there’s also the concern of staining your clear aligner and this will ruin its discreet look. Hence, drinking coloured beverages especially are discouraged during your course of treatment to prevent any form of discolouration.

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