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6 Useful Accessories for Your Invisalign Journey

19 September 2022

Categories: Invisalign
Invisalign Accessories

There is no doubt that Invisalign is the ideal modern orthodontic treatment, and if you are exploring this option or have just embarked on your Invisalign journey, this article is for you!

To start off with, Invisalign clear aligners are discreet, painless (or almost) and comfortable. So much so that the people around you might not realise that you are having your teeth straightened. From your first Invisalign appointment to the very end, your dentist will journey with you to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

With Invisalign, there are also tools and accessories that every Invisalign user should know because they can be helpful and fun in many ways. We list them below!

  • #1 Invisalign case

    The Invisalign case is an important accessory for every Invisalign user. It is sleek, compact and is made out of medical-grade plastic which helps to prevent the buildup of odour in the casing.

    As you are dealing with clear aligners, it is generally easier to lose sight of them. Having a casing helps you to store your aligners when you are not wearing them and ultimately, reduces the chances of losing your aligners.

    Typically, your first Invisalign aligners come with a casing that you will use throughout your journey. However, there are also other colours and designs available for you to purchase, and you can switch around depending on your mood or outfit for the day!

  • #2 Pultool

    A pultool is a plastic tool that helps to remove your aligner easily. If you are wearing your first few Invisalign trays, you may find it a challenge to remove your aligners promptly.

    We understand the struggle and therefore, the pultool is a tool you will truly appreciate. Plus, if you have long nails, this can help you to remove your aligners while reducing the risk of breaking your nails, hurting your mouth as well as damaging your aligners. Ultimately, a pultool reduces the stress that may come with removing your aligners; it avoids pain and saves your time too!

    Also, if you are looking for other alternatives to remove your aligners, we share 6 other handy tips here.

  • #3 Chewies

    Not to worry, ‘chewies’ are not chewing gum. Instead, they are ‘chewies’ because you would literally need to chew on them to help your aligners seat on your teeth well. Chewies, also known as aligner seaters, are small plastic rolls about the width of a pencil.

    All you will need to do is to bite it for about 5 to 10 minutes while shifting it along your teeth to ensure that your Invisalign aligners are snugly fitted. Doing so will help you get your aligners seat well all the time.

  • #4 Chewie mints

    Why not save your time by ensuring that your Invisalign aligners are fitted well while having your breath freshened?

    Chewie mints work the same as chewies but with the additional benefit that they are minty edibles that will give you a fresher breath. This is especially useful when you need to wear your aligners once again after a meal or before an important meeting.

  • #5 Aligner file

    Similar to the purpose of a nail file which helps to smoothen rough edges around your nails, an aligner file helps to fix minor sharp spots along your aligners.

    There are times when your aligners have a slightly sharp or jagged spot that might cause discomfort and irritation on your gums and cheeks. Using an aligner file can help to smoothen that sharp spot and instantaneously ease any discomfort.

    This can also help you to save trips to your dentist for minor aligner adjustments but of course, if you are new to this, it is best to ask your dentist to guide you. You may apply the same method if the same problem occurs in the future.

  • #6 Aligner Cleaners

    Invisalign has cleaning crystals and a cleaning spray that will help you to clean your aligners in a breeze. Cleaning your aligners regularly is crucial to keep bacteria at bay and ultimately, maintain your dental hygiene.

    As for the former, cleaning crystals come in individually packed sachets, which make it easy to travel with. All you will need to do is dissolve it as per instructions on the packaging and it cleans your Invisalign aligners in just 15 minutes!

    The cleaning spray, on the other hand, is great when you are on the go. All you will need to do is to spray your aligner with the cleaning spray and rinse. It is as easy as spraying your aligner in its casing, rinsing it with water and it is ready to be worn.

BONUS: Invisalign stickables

Invisalign stickables are not a must-have but you will want to get your hands on them as it makes your Invisalign journey much more colourful! Invisalign stickables are tiny stickers that you may stick on your aligner to make a fashion statement. They come in themes such as Fantasy, Animal and even holiday themes like Halloween. While your aligners will lose their discreet look, some individuals might enjoy accessorizing their Invisalign aligners and add some fun to their Invisalign journey.

Upon the start of your Invisalign journey at i.Dental, all our Invisalign patients will be given an Invisalign pouch that contains some of the useful accessories mentioned above. This pouch will help you along your Invisalign journey with the aim of making it as smooth as possible. Find out more on the Invisalign Pouch and learn the right way to use some of the accessories in this quick and useful video created with Dr Elstan Lim.


All images are credited to Align Technology.

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