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What Is Invisalign SmartTrack?

19 January 2021

Categories: Invisalign

What is Smarttrack material made up of?

SmartTrack is a clear aligner material manufactured by Align Technology after many years of research and development. Made with medical-grade polymer with other additives, it is clear, strong, thin, and flexible in addition to being hypo-allergic, inert, and biologically stable. SmartTrack aligners deliver better comfort and thus, compliance, in addition to achieving the winning smile you want.

1. Exerts a more constant and gentle force

Invisalign aligners made with SmartTrack material have shown improved control where it delivers a constant and gentle force to move your teeth. Other clear aligner materials usually exert a higher initial force which causes discomfort to the wearer but afterwards, the force exerted on the teeth will dissipate over a two-week aligner wear period, making it less effective in moving the teeth.

In comparison, SmartTrack aligners exert a lower initial force on your teeth but afterwards will maintain constant force over a two-week period. Thus, making it more comfortable when it’s time to change aligners as it exerts less initial force, yet maintains the force needed to move your teeth.

2. Higher elasticity with a more precise aligner fit

SmartTrack aligner is made up of a more elastic material which means it could easily stretch over the dental arch (the two arches on each jaw that form your teeth’s arrangement) without cracking.

With a higher elasticity, it is able to return back to its original shape with minimal distortion caused to its original shape. This means the aligner will fit more closely to your teeth and in turn, produce a more controlled teeth movement for your Invisalign treatment.

3. Comfort is key

As mentioned earlier, Invisalign aligners feel more comfortable as it exerts less initial force yet delivers constant gentle pressure to ensure that you achieve your smile goals. It is also easier to take off and put on the aligners which is an important factor when you have multiple attachments bonded to your teeth.

All of this could lead to decreased treatment time as you wear the aligners more consistently and your teeth movements become more predictable. In addition to that, since SmartTrack aligners are more comfortable, changing aligners and the Invisalign treatment process will be more pleasant overall. This means you’re more likely to comply with your dentist’s instructions and achieve the smile you worked so hard to get.


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SmartTrack Aligner Material | Invisalign.

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