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Treating Relapse Cases With Invisalign

29 October 2019

Categories: Invisalign

Relapse after braces treatment is extremely common especially without the regular use of retainers that keep teeth in their new position. This is so partly due to the elastic nature of periodontal ligament fibres, which are fibres that wrap around teeth, causing them to “bounce” back to their previous position. This happens especially in cases of crowding where teeth are rotated to form neater arches.

Due to the long nature of braces treatment, that can take up to 1-3 years, a relapse after such treatment may be quite distressing for patients! Having experienced braces, some individuals may be reluctant to endure a similar process for the second time to adjust their tooth position again. As such, Invisalign is an extremely viable option, having the following benefits over conventional braces.

Advantages of Invisalign Making It Ideal for Relapse Cases

With the previous experience of having braces, there is a previous experience to compare to, and any past experiences that may have caused concern can be addressed with Invisalign.

  • Comfort

It is more comfortable than conventional braces due to the absence of brackets which may irritate the gums and mucosa of the mouth. Invisalign in comparison is smooth and fits over teeth, and does not cause as much irritations to the soft tissues of the mouth.

  • Oral Health

Easier to maintain good oral hygiene without the hassle of using superfloss or flossthreaders. Invisalign can be removed, making it easier to brush and maintain good oral hygiene regimes.

  • Aesthetic

The absence of wires and metal brackets are not only more comfortable, but Invisalign is also more aesthetic, hence patients have an option of aligning their teeth with the possibility of their peers not noticing.

  • Ideal for small corrections

With relapse normally teeth misalignment is milder and noticed earlier, hence requiring less overall movement of teeth. With Invisalign, they are suited to correct mild misalignments, also being more comfortable and potentially faster way to move teeth.

Patients who only need to correct their front six teeth can consider our Invisalign Anterior plan.


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