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Stop Brace-ism

30 March 2021

Categories: Braces, Invisalign

Perfectly straight teeth do not come naturally for many individuals including celebrities like Tom Cruise. A beautiful set of pearly whites is usually achieved with the help of dental treatment such as orthodontic treatment.

For generations, braces have been a popular treatment option to align teeth and as a matter of fact, until today, it still remains a popular choice among those hoping to straighten their bite.

However, while braces are able to turn just about any smile into a beautiful one, some braces wearers may face the consequences of the harsh world that we live in – bullying, or more precisely known as brace-ism (a modern term used to describe the actions of mean people who make fun of people with braces).

These incidences tend to be more prevalent among younger braces wearers such as teenagers but truth to be told, some adults are not spared either. If you’re being picked on for wearing braces, here’s how you should respond when someone picks on you.

#1 Remember the reason

Brace-ism can affect the way you think and ultimately your self-esteem. To stop someone’s actions from affecting the right decision that you’ve made, remind yourself about the reason why you decided to wear braces in the first place. You chose braces to help you achieve your dream of a beautiful smile and healthier teeth. So, think about the long-term picture, the day your braces are removed and you will be able to flash your smile confidently.

#2 Be confident

There’s nothing to be shy about if you’re wearing braces. As a matter of fact, you should be proud of yourself for making the bold decision to have your teeth corrected. So, when you’re wearing braces, wear it confidently. There’s no need to put your head down or cover your mouth with your hand. These gestures are signals that you’re feeling embarrassed or shy and bullies will more likely take advantage of the situation. So, be confident and don’t give anyone the opportunity to pick on you.

#3 Play it cool

Bullies thrive when people respond to their mean acts. So, one of the best ways to tackle brace-ism is to play it cool. As much as it may be tempting to retaliate, it’s best that you put a stop to it instead. If someone calls you names for having braces on, simply shrug it off, roll your eyes or you could even pretend that you did not hear them and continue with your task.

#4 Find your comfort

It can get really stressful having to deal with people picking on you for no reason. Brace-ism, especially if it’s persistent, can affect a person’s mental health. If you’re a victim of brace-ism, don’t suffer in silence. Instead, find someone whom you can talk to about it. Share with a person who will hear you out and emphatise with what’s going on in your life, such as an adult that you trust or a close friend.

No one deserves to be picked on for wearing braces. Though, if you are very conscious about how you may look with a metal wire across your teeth or afraid that you might not have the confidence to face with people whispering about the way you look, staring at you or brace-ism, clear aligners is another option for you to consider.

Clear aligners such as Invisalign® are discreet. That means, no one will know that you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment unless you tell them all about it. Plus, the technology behind Invisalign® also makes it possible for you to have straighter teeth in a shorter period of time as compared to braces and the good news is that it’s suitable for teenagers as well as adults!

If you’re thinking about correcting your bite, speak to your dentist to find out which treatment option would be best for you.

Article first published on 30 March 2021

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