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Stick to Your Invisalign Routine with Dental Monitoring

27 August 2021

Categories: Invisalign
Invisalign Dental Monitoring

It takes serious commitment to undergo orthodontic treatments but options like Invisalign does give you some degree of freedom and convenience throughout your treatment.

To work effectively, patients are required to wear their clear aligners for about 20 to 22 hours daily. Therefore, giving them the flexibility to remove it for short periods of time to perform certain tasks without feeling constricted. This includes brushing your teeth, eating and drinking.

However, this benefit can turn into a drawback for some patients. If patients are not diligent with their Invisalign routine, this can interfere with the success of the treatment.

You might think, “Missing out on a few hours won’t hurt!”

Ever wondered what will really happen if you do not adhere to your Invisalign treatment plan?

The consequences include the reversal of your treatment progress as well as having to readjust your treatment, which could lead to a more expensive one.

The above can be avoided simply by sticking to your Invisalign routine. If you’re having trouble with that, dental monitoring is one effective way to help you out. Plus, we share other handy tips that will help you to avoid interference to your treatment progress!

Dental Monitoring

Have your dentist follow through virtually

Have you ever felt unsure about the progress of your treatment that you wish you could take a picture and share it with your dentist?

If you were able to relate to the above, you would be glad to know to that it is now possible to do so with Dental Monitoring.

What is Dental Monitoring?

Dental Monitoring is a useful tool, which acts as a virtual bridge between you and your dentist.

Through this option, your dentist will be able to track the progress of your treatment on a weekly basis with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered orthodontic technology. Medical jargons aside, it simply means to smile widely, take a couple of pictures and have them sent over to your dentist via a mobile application.

What do I need for Dental Monitoring?

All you’ll need is a smartphone to download the relevant mobile application and your dentist will provide the rest of the tools. They include a ScanBox and Cheek Retractor. These tools make it easier for you to capture accurate intraoral pictures for your dentist to view.

What are the advantages?

Dental Monitoring is especially helpful for patients who might be a little forgetful with their treatment and those who would like to monitor their treatment progress closely.

It’s easy to use, requires only a couple of minutes of your time and the best part is that, you’ll be able to track your treatment progress at the comfort of your own home!

This convenient addition to your orthodontic experience serves as an effective communication tool between you and your dentist to monitor your treatment progress and to ensure that it’s right on track. Also, as you communicate with your dentist regularly, this helps to reduce the number of emergency trips to your dentist. Ultimately, Dental Monitoring makes it possible for you to go about your daily life while minimising disruptions.

Last but not the least, the mobile application has a time-lapse feature that allows you to track the progress of your treatment. This feature will help to keep your enthusiasm going as you progress towards your perfect smile.

What are the disadvantages?

Dental Monitoring does not replace all your regular dental appointments. So, if you’re hoping to skip your face-to-face dental appointments entirely, unfortunately this will not be possible. How Dental Monitoring helps, is to keep track of your treatment progress and avoid the need for unnecessary trips to the dentist.

As a matter of fact, meeting your dentist as scheduled is nothing but an advantage. Showing up for regular dental appointments is vital, as your dentist will ensure that your treatment is progressing as planned, check on the progress of your teeth movement, and adjust your treatment if necessary.

BONUS: Two extra tips!

On top of Dental Monitoring, here are two simple and useful tips to help you stick to your Invisalign routine.

1. Set an alarm

If you find yourself losing track of time easily such as during mealtime, set an alarm or timer as a reminder to put your aligners back on. If you have your meals at regular hours, you may also preset your alarm or timer to be safe.

2. Put a note on frequented areas

It’s easy to forget about your aligners when you’re in a rush. To avoid this, put a note on your bedroom or bathroom mirror (or perhaps both!) as a clear daily reminder.


Dental Monitoring is an optional service available at i.Dental. Speak to our dentists about it especially if you need some motivation in your treatment or find yourself having difficulties with adhering to your recommended Invisalign routine. With guidance from your dentist and discipline, it is possible to achieve your dream smile in the quickest time possible.

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