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Invisalign for Teens: Discover the Benefits

14 June 2021

Categories: Invisalign
Teenager Playing Soccer Invisalign

The teenage years are challenging for most children. As children start to discover more about themselves, become more self-conscious, make new friends as they transition to secondary school and try to fit in well, wearing metal braces are sometimes seen as a hurdle from leading the ultimate teenage life.

All teenagers hope to be socially accepted and being called ‘brace face’ as well as having to face ‘brace-ism’ can have tremendous impact on a teenager. Due to the fear of being teased for wearing metal braces, some teenagers might choose to forego orthodontic treatment entirely.

Teenagers might not see the benefits of orthodontic treatment and straight teeth but instead, their focus is placed on the fact that wearing braces will make them stand out among their peers.

Thankfully, there is one option that gives a win-win situation. Invisalign is a game changer in the world of orthodontics as teens can now receive orthodontic treatment discreetly.

The perfect fit for teens

Invisalign are clear aligners made out of a clear, strong, thin and flexible material. These clear aligners are made according to individual dental needs, with the aim of shifting the teeth and ultimately, giving a teen a straight smile.

These custom-made clear aligners are tailored to fit a teen perfectly. Hence, allowing him and her to lead life as normal while having his or her teeth corrected.

With Invisalign, teenagers can expect the following:

1. Perfect for an active life

Active in sports? Is cheerleading your teen’s life? Or does your teen play a musical instrument? Invisalign will not stop your teen from doing activities they love the most. As Invisalign clear aligners are snugged perfectly and comfortably along the teeth, these clear aligners will not prevent your teen from carrying out their favourite sport or activity.

Plus, in the event of a fall or impact from contact sports, there is no need to worry about injuries caused by metal brackets or wires. As a matter of fact, Invisalign is generally safe to wear while doing low-impact sports as they typically do not cause serious dental damage.

2. Doesn’t affect self-esteem

Except for the possibility of a slight lisp that might occur at the beginning of the course of treatment (not to worry, it’s only temporary), the best part about clear aligners is that they’re virtually invisible. Hence, there is no need to worry about the way you look in pictures with your friends, during a date as well as for prom night!

3. No dental emergencies

Invisalign has no metal wires or brackets that could break or dislodge. Hence, there is no need to worry about making emergency visits to your dentist to get your aligner fixed. With Invisalign, your teen will have a peace of mind as such dental woes are kept at bay.

4. Comfortable to wear

Invisalign is made out of clear and smooth plastic. Each Invisalign tray used throughout the course of treatment is created specially for your child. As the Invisalign trays are custom-made, they’ll fit well and comfortably. Hence, preventing any irritation or abrasions in your child’s mouth.

5. No diet restriction

The need to remove the Invisalign aligner each time your teen eats and drinks (except water), makes it possible for your teen to enjoy meals without a diet restriction. Unlike wearing metal braces where there is a need to avoid sticky, chewy and crunchy food, with Invisalign, your teen will be able to eat anything they would like. Though, do ensure to put them back on after they’re done eating as Invisalign wearers required to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours a day for it to be effective.

6. Low maintenance

Invisalign does not involve metal brackets and wires but only a single tray that can be removed when needed. Hence, there is no need to introduce new dental tools or learn a new way to brush and floss during the course of treatment. Your child will be able to stick with his or her daily dental care routine, just like any other day. Plus, this prevents additional stress on the parents’ end too.

7. Lesser appointments

Having to fit in regular dental appointments in your teen’s already busy schedule can make your teen’s day more hectic. With Invisalign, there will be lesser dental appointments as your teen’s treatment will be planned out well and dental visits will be scheduled every 6 to 10 weeks. On top of having a well-planned treatment course, there’s no need to worry about making any emergency trips in between too!

It is possible to correct your bite and still enjoy the teenage years. If you’re ready to find out more about how Invisalign could be the perfect fit in your teenager’s life, speak to one of our dentists to find out more.

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