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Are You Too Old for Braces?

2 March 2021

Categories: Braces

The saying goes, “You’re never too late and you’re never too old”.

This is especially true when it comes to correcting dental conditions including crooked teeth, an overcrowded mouth and a poorly aligned bite.

A set of perfectly aligned teeth is more than just about a beautiful smile. A straight set of teeth also helps to keep dental diseases at bay.

Hence, this is why orthodontic treatments are sought after not just among teenagers (which is a stereotype commonly portrayed in the movies) but among adults too.

So, to answer the question – Are you too old for braces?

The truth is, you can never be too old for braces or any orthodontic treatment for that matter. Though, there are some differences when it comes to the treatment approach if you’re getting braces fitted during your adulthood.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages you should take note of if you’re considering getting braces beyond your teens.

The advantages

1) Reduces your risk of dental issues

Malocclusion (misaligned teeth) makes it more difficult to maintain good dental hygiene as bacteria and plaque can build up along difficult to reach areas. This can lead to gum diseases and tooth decay.

Hence, by correcting malocclusion with braces, this makes it easier to maintain good dental hygiene, which adversely helps to keep oral diseases at bay.

2) Adults make better patients

With age comes maturity and this is definitely an advantage when it comes to diligently following through with your dental treatment. Adults are said to be better patients as compared to teenagers and children. This is mainly because adult patients generally have a better understanding about the benefits of oral hygiene.

On top of that, many would have already done their research prior to seeking treatment. This makes it easier for the orthodontist to work closely with the patient to avoid delays in treatment time as well as to ensure that satisfying results are achieved.

3) Brings out the confidence in you

A beautiful and confident smile is a timeless asset and it’s never too late to own one. If you’ve been feeling insecure about your smile, we assure you that getting orthodontic help can turn your insecurities to confidence. Simply imagine confidently flashing a well-aligned set of pearly whites after securing a multi-million dollar deal at work!

Besides, braces will not only transform your smile but the way you feel overall too. That’s because correcting your teeth alignment can also manage any discomfort that was previously associated with a poorly aligned bite such as headaches and a painful jaw. Hence, ultimately improving your quality of life.

The disadvantages

1) Treatment may take longer

Adult braces generally require more treatment time than younger patients. This is because your bones have stopped growing once you’ve reached adulthood and hence, they are no longer that pliable. While the treatment time defers from patient to patient, it generally takes about two years for adults to get your teeth alignment corrected.

2) Limited structural change

For some adults, the jawbone might be too rigid to accommodate correction via braces alone. In the event you’re caught in this predicament, your orthodontist might suggest more complex treatment methods such as surgery to make the necessary structural changes that braces alone can’t do.

3) Not very discreet

From neon pink, yellow or blue, sporting braces with coloured wires and elastics may be exciting for teenagers but as adults, you would most likely prefer a more discreet look. Unfortunately you will not be able to conceal metal braces but there are other options available that are equally effective in correcting your smile.

This includes ceramic braces (but do note that ceramic brackets can break) and to top the list are clear aligners such as Invisalign®. Invisalign® are customised clear aligners which makes them barely noticeable when worn.

4) The ultimate aim

Above all, there is one important requirement if you would like to seek orthodontic treatment during your adulthood – you’ll need to have healthy gums and teeth to withstand the corrective force during treatment.

Ultimately, it is all about getting the smile that you’ve always wanted and of course, a healthy set of teeth to be proud of. You’re never too old and it’s never too late for orthodontic treatment. Discuss with your dentist as he or she will be able to help you identify a feasible solution to address malocclusion in adulthood.

Article first published on 3 March 2021

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