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Are Video Calls Affecting Your Self-Confidence?

28 June 2021

Categories: Aesthetics
Individual working from home

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has led to the rise of an era of virtual meetings and calls as an effort to curb the spread of the virus. From less commute stress to saving money and of course, staying safe, there is no doubt that communicating virtually has its benefits.

Along with that, comes hours of inevitable virtual meetings, classes and video calls too.

While it may seem like a blessing that technology has made it possible for the show to go on in life, people are starting to feel more self-conscious about the way they look in front of the lens.

  • Have staring at your face during video calls made you feel more self-conscious?
  • Do you adjust your camera angle to ensure that it’s flattering?
  • Are you more conscious about the way you laugh or smile during a video call?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, you’re not alone!

Are you part of the statistic?

A recent research by Invisalign Singapore found that due to the need to be a part of video calls, a rising number of Singaporeans are feeling more self-conscious about their image and are considering cosmetic treatment.

Among those who are likely to consider cosmetic treatments, 7 in 10 participants have an increased interest to straighten their teeth.

If you have an increasing interest to straighten your teeth each time you have a video call, you’ve landed on the right page!

Read on to learn all about the possibility of correcting your misaligned teeth without anyone knowing.

Why should you straighten your smile?

Firstly, let’s look into the benefits of why you should straighten your teeth. Did you know that having a straight set of teeth is more than feeling good about the way you look during a video call?

Straight teeth can improve your quality of life in many ways. They include:

#1 Boosts your self-confidence

Girl smiling at work

Feeling good about the way you look and having a positive perception of yourself will naturally boost your self-confidence. Being confident also translates to better management of anxiety and stress levels, which is important especially to handle the stresses of the pandemic. There is no doubt that a healthy level of self-confidence is the key to a happy and successful life.

#2 Helps with your career

Working lady taking a stretch near the window

Can a straight smile improve your career? It definitely could! A straight, beautiful smile could leave a lasting impression and it could be an asset for your career path too. As mentioned, having straight teeth improves your self-confidence and this helps with the way you present yourself as you seek for career opportunities and expand your personal capabilities.

On top of that, straight teeth are also a preventive measure to dental woes such as bad breath. It also improves the way you speak and eat, and this could definitely help with the way you present yourself during important milestones in your life.

#3 It’s beyond aesthetics

Girl giving a large smile

Indeed, the benefits of straight teeth go beyond having a beautiful smile. From improving your gut and oral health to eliminating neck and jaw pain, these are some of the health benefits that you can expect from a straight set of teeth. Read more about the benefits of having a straight set of teeth here!

Orthodontic treatment: What are your options?

Braces and clear aligners are orthodontic treatment options for individuals of any age, who have had their permanent teeth grown in.

Braces is an orthodontic treatment option that uses metal wires and brackets to align your teeth into the right position. Clear aligners on the other hand, are virtually invisible aligners that are specially designed to gradually shift your teeth.

There are several factors to consider when deciding on your treatment option such as will it affect the way you look and how long would it take to complete the treatment. Your dentist will be able to advise on this.

A clear decision

If the thought of wearing metal braces has put you off from considering orthodontic treatment, Invisalign is an option to consider. Here’s how you can benefit from Invisalign clear aligners:


Clear smile using aligners

Invisalign clear aligners are virtually invisible. Hence, there’s no need to worry about the way you look when you’re wearing them during the course of treatment.


Girl smiling brightly while working in a cafe

Invisalign is comfortable to wear and does not cause sores or ulcers within the mouth due to abrasion. The clear aligner sits perfectly on your teeth. Hence, making it possible for you to go about your daily life as per normal.

Only by professionals

Dentist fitting aligners onto a patient's teeth

Orthodontic treatment is a corrective dental treatment that requires ongoing supervision by a trained dentist. Experience is also key in ensuring that treatment is effective and efficient. Invisalign has transformed over 11 million smiles treated by Invisalign dentists. Through the experience of the Invisalign professional network around the world, this enables Invisalign providers to provide a personalised and optimised orthodontic treatment to all patients.

No restrictions

A platter of delicious and healthy snacks and fruits

There are no diet restrictions when wearing Invisalign as you’ll be required to remove your clear aligner during meals. This makes lunch appointments and meetings less awkward as there’s no need to worry about what’s being served. On top of that, Invisalign provides a flexible lifestyle with lesser dental appointments, no emergency dental visits and you’re able to continue engaging in the activities you enjoy throughout your Invisalign treatment without disruptions.


Holding an Invisalign aligner

Your Invisalign clear aligners are custom-made to suit your dental needs. Your orthondontist will create a customised treatment plan based on Invisalign’s technology. Hence, making it possible for you to achieve a straight smile in a shorter period of time as compared to other orthodontic treatments.


Do not allow misaligned teeth to prevent you from living the best life. Speak to our dentist to find out how you can improve your self-confidence and health with a beautiful smile.

Ready to achieve your ideal smile?

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