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Dental Health Screening

When you arrange an appointment with us, you will undergo a thorough and comprehensive examination as follows:

1. Medical History Update

Your dental health screening begins with a medical history update in which our clinical staff will ask you about any drug allergies or medications that you may have.

2. Gum Health Assessment

Next, you will receive a thorough checkup on your gums for the presence of ulcers and other gingival diseases that can cause bad breath, tooth loss, loose teeth or pockets between teeth and gums.

3. Oral Hygiene Instructions

Prevention is usually better than cure. Following your gum health assessment, you will be given advice on how you can take care of your teeth, prevent tooth decay as well as correct methods of brushing and flossing.

4. Caries Diagnosis

Not all tooth decay problems necessitate fillings but if left undetected, these caries can lead to abscess and toothaches. After instructing you on oral hygiene, your oral hygienist will give you a detailed diagnosis on caries.

5. Bite Assessment

Your bite will be assessed next. You dentist will check if your teeth can bite well together and how you can correct your bite to enjoy your food better.

6. Satisfaction with Appearance

As your feelings do matter to us, your dentist will also discuss with you how happy you are with your teeth and smile.

7. Treatment plan & options

After which, you will be given an explanation on your assessment and all the treatment options available. This will help you make an informed decision whether to proceed with our dental services and which treatment option to choose.

8. Dietary Advice

Your dentist will also brief you on the types of food and drinks that should be avoided to minimize wear and tear of your teeth.

9. X-rays

Lastly, but optional, x-ray examination is needed to detect any possible dental caries or other dental problems that you may have that are not visible to the eyes.


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