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Children’s Dentistry

  • Infants 0-6 months

    To prevent decay caused by nursing, gently wipe your baby’s gums after each feed and before bedtime with a soft, wet washcloth, a damp piece of gauze or a cleaning device that fits over your index finger.

  • Infants 6-12 months

    Once your baby’s first tooth makes an appearance, or when your baby becomes six months old, it’s time to bring them for their first dental visit. They’re in safe (and fun!) hands with Dr Gwen Ho and Dr Jasmine Boey.

  • Children 1-12 years

    Bring your child for regular dentist visits, based on a schedule recommended by your dentist. Healthy milk teeth hold the spaces for permanent teeth to emerge in good positions so it’s important to care for them.

What Is the Treatment Process Like?

  • Step 1: Regular check-up

    A mandatory check will be done to assess the development of your child’s teeth. The presence of tooth decay, cavities and gum problems will also be examined.

  • Step 2: Cleaning and polishing (if required)

    After which, basic cleaning will be done and polishing may be done as required. For kids who are prone to tooth decay, fluoride will be applied.

  • Step 3: Consultation

    The dentist will then have a chat with you about the current situation of your child’s dental health. He will also advise you on dental habits accordingly and educate your child on proper brushing techniques.

How Do I Choose the Right Dental Clinic for My Child?

  • Experience and qualifications

    One indication of a dental clinic’s expertise is their certifications and qualifications. If they are recognised by global institutions and established entities, they are most likely trustworthy and worth considering.

  • Chemistry and communication

    You may want to schedule a consultation with a few shortlisted clinics of your choice. During the appointment, you will be able to see if the communication and chemistry are there.

    Ideally, you should only go for a clinic you can trust since you will be leaving your child’s dental care to them.

  • Waiting room environment

    The waiting room should be kid-friendly – this would come in handy during times when the waiting time is long. For example, magazines, books and toys should be made available to keep your kids occupied.

  • Word-of-mouth recommendations

    Speak to the people you trust and get recommendations from them. Those whom you know personally and have had first-hand experience will be able to give you an honest review.

  • Demonstrated expertise

    After you have done your research, you may want to go for a handful of dental appointments to see the dentist in action. Only then will you be able to tell if he/she is the right doctor for your child.

    The right dental clinic should be one that is able to handle children, capture their attention and curiousity and keep them calm.

How Do I Make My Children Look Forward to the Dental Treatment?

  • Prep your child for his first dental appointment ahead of time
  • Simulate the dental experience at home with toys
  • Associate the visit with positive feelings
  • Never relate dental visits to negative feelings such as punishments

Why Choose i.Dental?

  • We invest in our equipment

    At i.Dental, we only use equipment that can guarantee your child’s comfort. As a result, every treatment is done efficiently and effectively.

  • We treat children like our own

    Over the years, we have gathered a pool of valued clients and expanded our expertise. 

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