Dr. Candy Ding

Dr Candy Ding is one of our associates from New Zealand. She graduated from the University of Otago and has practised in New Zealand before relocating to Singapore.

During her training, she had a particular interest and was involved in oral health education, promotion, and policies. This contributed to publications in both national and international peer-reviewed journals in the field of Public Health.

Dr Candy believes that dentistry does not need to be a daunting or painful experience, and that treatment can be done with minimal discomfort simply by being patient and with a gentle reassuring approach. She is also a strong advocator of patient and oral health education, preferring prevention and early intervention over more invasive procedures where possible.

Some of Dr Candy’s main interests lie in preventive dentistry and endodontics. Outside of work she frequently attends continuing professional education programmes and is also actively involved in volunteering at local community dental clinics.

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